Land Cruiser Heaven 200 Series Leather Seat Covers

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Product Overview

Every great 200 Series Land Cruiser needs quality leathers to have a quality appearance. These leather seat covers add style and personality to your cruiser and make it feel more like a home than a vehicle. And with the customizable options, you know that you’ll be getting exactly what you need for your ride. Selecting the perfect style of leather will add class and comfort to your car, taking it one step closer to becoming your own little patch of heaven.

The hides are imported into Colombia from Argentina/Uruguay. They are then looked over in detail looking for imperfections. Once they have been looked over, they are then treated and go through a number of tests to certify the leather for automotive use. When the leather is certified it is then approved for use and they start the cutting process. The templates are then cut using a huge CAD cutter. Where they are then sewn together.

What does it mean to be certified for automotive use?


Leather in a vehicle is not the same as leather on clothes or your sofa. The automotive leather goes through harsher environments than any other leather. You have high heat if your in the south or high cold if your in the north. Plus the constant use of getting out and in of the vehicle can take a toll on any fabric. That is why your OEM leather has lasted at least 10 years if well taken care off. Our leather is no different.

Fits: 2007-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

Whats included in the kit:

1 Row Kit

  • (1) DS and PS top and bottom covers
  • (2) Headrests covers

2 Row Kit - Everything above plus

  • (1) Rear DS and PS Top and Bottom covers
  • (3) Headrests covers


  • (1) Center Console Cover

Installation Kit

  • Hog rings
  • Steel rods
  • Foam inserts

Types of Finishes:
Full Leather

  • Luxury (Full leather finish on all seats)

Combo (Leather and Vinyl) - leather is used on front middle areas of each seat - Presentation is the exact same as leather just the fabric is vinyl.

  • Premium (70/30 mix)

Delivery Times: Covers are manufactured on an order basis and are custom built to your specs. Please allow 2-3 weeks (estimated) for delivery after order is made. These covers are made in Colombia and imported to the US, delays due happen the 3-5 week timeline is an estimate on normal duration. Please contact us if you have any questions. No refunds on leather orders.

Installation instructions:




(No reviews yet) Write a Review